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Women Reproductive Health

A woman gives birth to a child and therefore she is considered to be the originator of life. She is responsible for providing a healthy living and her general health as well as women health reproductive is of prime importance. A rise in number of women death rate because of STD (sexually transmitted diseases) and unintended pregnancies can’t be overlooked. It is important that she goes through safe motherhood while bearing a child or even when she contributes to other normal duties of life.

For this it is important to know that what Women reproductive health is. What factors should be considered by a woman for her sexual health? Are methods such as contraception, sterilization enough to avoid any health hazards to her health?

Women Sexual Health – What health activities to be incorporated?
Contraception is way to prevent pregnancy even after a sexual intercourse. Pills, barrier methods such as female condoms, using uterine contraceptive device, a plastic or copper device fitted in the womb of a women are some of the common methods to avoid unintended pregnancies.

Health Hazards- Infertility: Infertility is the disability of a woman where she is unable to conceive even after performing sexual intercourse. It happens when she has abnormal menstrual cycles, feels pain while sexual intercourse or has passed through a chronic illness or miscarriage.

Other Diseases: Chlamydia, Endometriosis is some diseases that cause inflammation or burning sensation in cervix and other fertility and reproduction related problems. Sometimes these diseases cause internal bleeding and injury.

Methods such as contraception, sterilization are taken for safety from sexually transmitted diseases and hazards but one should always be careful that having unsafe sex with more partners would lead to any of the deadly diseases.

Treatments- Infertility could be treated by way of fertilization whereby eggs from a female donor are fertilized in a laboratory with a male sperm and then transplanted into recipient’s uterus. Other forms are medication through birth control pills and other fertility drugs. Ovulation Induction uses fertility drugs with the help of artificial insemination to stimulate development of egg.

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Herbs Are Wonders for Women

While many health issues affect both women and men, there are health issues that are specific to women. Yet even among women, patterns of health and illness vary. Herbal medicine is just the kind of health care to address these individual patterns of health.

Herbal medicine is the use of plants as drug. It makes use of the healing properties of plants. It is beneficial to women because it addresses health issues on a specific, personal level. The use and practice of herbal medicine dates back to prehistoric times. It is safe, and works most effectively if taken in the right amount. To reiterate, herbs have little or no side effects, they are still medicine. Therefore, use of herbs still requires utmost supervision.

Some common health issues among women include PMS, irregular cycles, depression, and menstrual migraines. If you suffer, for example, from PMS, your symptoms may vary from symptoms of another PMS sufferer. Some may experience bouts of depression, irritability, and cramps. Some may experience fatigue, migraine, and cramps.

The good news is, there are a wide variety of herbs to address a wide variety of women health issues. Just as you consult a general physician or a pharmacist for over-the-counter drugs; it is advised that women consult a practiced herbalist for the right combination and dosage of herbs. Herbalists understand that each body is different and illnesses stem from different causes. Therefore, their prescriptions are based on the overall body pattern of a patient, not only the physical symptoms.

In short, herbal medicine is a system of health care that addresses a woman’s total health issue with the right herbs, and the right amount and combination of herbs. The dosage a herbalist will prescribe will depend on physical manifestations and psychological affect of a health issue on each individual. A herbalist may recommend one herb or a combination of them depending on a woman’s specific health needs

That little plant called St. John’s wort, for example, may just make life for women who suffer from PMS easier each month. St. John’s wort has been studied to have positive effects on depressive women. If a woman suffers also from irritability, a herbalist may recommend orange peel, artichoke leaf, and licorice. If cramps, valerian, ginger, and blood-moving herbs like ginger and cayenne might relieve the sufferer from pain.

What shows here, though, is that herbal medicine does not only aim to relieve you of the physical pain, but roots out as well psychological troubles that hallmark PMS like depression and fatigue. The approach of herbal medicine, therefore, is more on the holistic side.

Again, health issues vary from woman to woman. If your synthetic, generic, over-the-counter drug does nothing to your body, natural medicine might just do the wonders that your body requires. And your body requires not only physical well-being, but also psychological well-being. Herbal medicine approaches all those health issues on a specific, and yet holistic level.

Exercises Suitable For Women Health

“Non est vivere, sed valera vita est” means “Life is not merely living but living in health”. As we read this saying, it is making us clear that exercise is inherent part of life and it can’t be taken for granted any longer, especially by those who have been ignoring it at the stake of their health.

Women are the real home maker in a household that’s why for women exercise is must as they have to take care of the whole household and if the housekeeper is not maintaining the good health, then she can’t manage the household perfectly that’s why the thrust has been given on her to do exercise.

The life style of the man and women changed tremendously these days therefore, they have to make sure that they get time for the exercise which is a must for maintaining shapes and sizes to look attractive and sexy that what is the need of hour for your health. So, following are the few tips going to help you.

1. Exercise for flexibility:

Depending on your physical endurance, go in for 3 to 7 days a week, 1 to 3 sets of stretching for yourself. Try to hold your stretches for 10 to 60 seconds. This stretch regimen will go to provide the flexibility to your body, which would be beneficial for you in the long term.

2. Aerobic Activity and sport: Often it is being said that exercise is boring and you don’t feel like doing it for the longer duration or for that duration which is being required. So, you can always go in for 3 to 6 days a week, moderate to vigorous intensity, 20 minutes or more of the exercise regimen. It would sport in reality and exercise in disguise for you to maintain the momentum for the long run to continue it and at the same time enjoy it also.

3. Lifestyle physical activity:

The physical activity may sound something very common, but it’s the best way to keep you healthy and composed the best exercise for the women. They should be tried on most days of the week and with moderate intensity. It would do wonders if you keep on doing it for at-least 30 minutes or more in a day.

4. Exercise for strength and muscular endurance:

Try doing it 2 to 3 days a week, 8 to 12 reps, and 1 to 3 sets. It would do great for your body and you would be able to maintain a healthy pace with life.

So, what are you waiting for? Without wasting any more time thinking over it whether to go for it or not, try out these cool things for exercise. These things are very common and you feel it like the burdensome or cumbersome.

Above tips for the exercise would do more good to you and you can do most of it in the comfort zone of your home and you easily do it without any hangover of whatsoever grips you in life.

Womens Health and Multivitamins

One of the questions that you will most often hear from women is “What type of vitamins or other health products should I use every day to assure my optimum health?”

While it’s true, there is no real substitute for basic good health and for a regular visit to your physician, there are some supplements that can play a very positive role in your good health when used on a regular basis.

Taking a top notch quality vitamin or herbal supplement is one of the most simple and easy ways of assuring that you avoid health issues that may take place from lack of proper nutrients.

Our lifestyles are typically far more busy than they have ever been. Affordable and useful, vitamin supplements can help the typical woman to stay healthier and to make sure that they get the right vitamins when they may skip meals or be too busy to eat a proper diet. Very often one of the things that we neglect when it comes to our busy lifestyle is our own good health and good nutrition.

This is not to say that overdoing vitamins or supplements is in any way positive. Too much of anything isn’t positive and vitamins are no exception to this rule. Moderation and the typical RDA for the various vitamins and minerals is the right path for taking daily vitamins.

Taking the top quality vitamins or daily supplements is also important. The lower priced vitamins may be better than nothing, but only just better than nothing. Making sure that your vitamins are top quality and have quality ingredients is an important part of exploring the vitamins that you take, much as you would any other medication.

Read the ingredients prior to beginning to take a multi-vitamin on a daily basis. You will want to be certain that the vitamins that you are taking are made with quality ingredients and that they are made by a reputable company.

A good plan for every woman, in order to maintain optimal wellness will be to take a solid nutritionally balanced diet. You should also engage in some mild to moderate exercise several times a week. Lastly, a good nutritional supplement taken on a daily basis can do a great deal to support your body and your immune system and keep you healthy for a longer time.

Optimal health and wellness for a woman can be achieved by considering yourself for just a few minutes each day. Find and take a good nutritional supplement and use it regularly.